Wheelguard IoT wheel locks

Wheelguard - world's first intelligent IoT wheel nut / wheel bolt for cars, trucks & commercial vehicles.

Wheelguard Kits

Wheelguard als Plug & Play Kits für alle gängigen PKW & Anhänger, LKW & Trailer und Nutzfahrzeuge zum Erkennen von sich lösenden Radbefestigungen bei ruhenden (Parken) und bewegtem (Fahren) Betriebszustand.


Wheelguard - world's first smart wheel nut / wheel bolt for cars, trucks & commercial vehicles capable of detecting the willful or operational release of wheel fasteners in real-time to Show that as a warning message on the associated app.

We are Wheelguard

Wheelguard is the innovative "IoT Wheel Lock" designed to protect against wheel Theft and to prevent of Wheel-loosening while driving. (Accident Prevention) Wheelguard is patent pending as a fastener and can be used in addition to wheel fasteners in the automotive sector in many other industries ... everywhere where fasteners must be monitored and the loosening must be detected.


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