Wheelguard the smart bolt - the intelligent solution for cars and trucks

WHEELGUARD - the world's first and only smart wheel bolt / wheel nut for cars and trucks that is able to detect the willful or operational loosening and then display this as a warning message on the associated app, or to process the data via a fleet management.

Press relation of the ARD / NDR TV magazine "buten un binnen" the 27.04


"A good idea always solves a problem

...we solve two"

Wheelguard – the smart bolt

The Wheelguard is the world's first "intelligent" wheel bolt, which is able to detect wanton or operational release of wheel bolts by a miniature transmitter located in the screw head, to send a signal to an App on a receiving device.

This receiving device may be the mobile phone of the car owner, but also the infotainment system of the vehicle itself.




Why do you need Wheelguard?

In Germany several thousand, mostly expensive wheelsets are stolen from the vehicle every year due to wheeltheft! The insurance will incur damages of many millions of Euros. The Wheelguard system is able to detect the ongoing theft even during the act itself live and then a simultaneous notification by app to the vehicle owner himself, or to e.g. spend the fleet management of a fleet. Based on this message, a wheel theft can still be detected during the act and so then appropriate countermeasures can be initiated.


Rim locks do not really protect

"Professionals" are able to crack wheel locks within seconds. The protection that is guaranteed by this is rather bad and does not help decisively to prevent a wheel theft. It should also be noted that in the event of theft being prevented by wheel locks, the insurance cover is void because in such a case it is not a theft it is vandalism. If damage is caused to the rims or to the vehicle, these have to be paid by yourself.


Accident prevention and safety

The Wheelguard system saves lives and prevents impending accidents, as it can also detect the self-releasing wheel bolt while driving. A loosening wheel bolt while driving is mostly due to improper attachment e.g. after a wheel change at your dealer or by the vehicle owner himself. Although the sentence "Please tighten after 50 to 100 kilometers of wheel bolts" is noted on the corresponding dealer invoices ... Surveys have shown that only 3 to 10% of the customers retighten the wheel bolts.

Here are some press reports about loose wheel fastenings

Moreover, it increasingly happens that criminals loose the wheels from ambulances and policecars.



The Wheelguard system will be available as a wheel bolt and as a wheel nut for cars and trucks.